09 Feb

Best Home Treadmills

Working out on your treadmill in your apartment may be a bit noisy for your neighbors. Especially during intense workouts! When looking for the best  home treadmills, it is important to consider the noise levels your workouts will produce.  Not all treadmills are built the same. If purchasing quiet treadmills is one of your main priorities then the following two fitness machines are designed for minimal noise levels.

Let’s consider the Bodycraft 1120 folding treadmill. This fitness machine provides  good speed levels between 0.5 – 10m.p.h and a maximum gradient of 10%. The treadmill has a 1.75h.p motor so walking or jogging is no problem.

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The Bodycraft 1120 is easy to store as it is foldable and very easy to assemble. But the main feature is the silent motor. This is one of the best quiet treadmills around. And for less than $1000 it may be a treadmill to consider.

The noise levels are usually caused by either the motor of the treadmill or the impact on the tread belt when you run. Purchasing a low noise motor and tread belt that can withstand weight impact is important. Try to make sure the machines tread has a rubber mat placed underneath it to make it a lot quieter and enhance the durability.

Bowflex manufacture some excellent quiet treadmills. For example, the Bowflex series 7. If you are on a budget the good news is that you can pick this treadmill up for less than $1300 including free shipping. Some of the good features of the treadmill are the 3.0 horse power motor that runs smoothly without you noticing it too much. Running, walking or jogging you will find the series 7 sturdy with a top speed of 11 m.p.h and an incline level of 12%. This fitness machines capabilities are enough for the avid runner. You will find the treadmill offering 15 various programs for example cardiovascular, fat burn, heart strength and calorie goal just to name a few. What about the user weight capacity? It can take up to 300lbs max, which is enough for most of us.

The Bowflex series 7 can rival some health club machines in terms of sturdiness, and the variety of training programs available. On the downside, make sure you pre-arrange where the treadmill will be placed because it hogs space and is on the heavy side. That’s where the sturdiness comes from, its weight.

If you are looking for quiet treadmills on the market consider a Bowflex series 7. I doubt it that you will be disappointed.